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4 months ago

The Hellions (Full South African Movie - 1961)

This was South Africa's first Western genre film. Also the first co-production between South Africa, the USA and Great Britain. A small-town policeman (Richard Todd) stands alone against a family of outlaws in 19th-century South...

3 months ago

Hell Is A City (1960)

a Hammer Film Noir starring Stanley Baker. Directed by a great British director Val Guest. Not intended to copyright or sell, but to make known the brilliant acting of Stanley Baker. and Hammer's other genre than just horror! People...

3 months ago

Robbery (1967) starring Stanley Baker

A great crime caper with Stanley Baker. Dedicated to Baker as tribute for his birthday this month!. No copyright infringement intended or selling not allowed! Peter Yates who directed this would make Bullet with Steve Mcqueen a year...

3 years ago

Tommy Steele Wedding (1960)

Item title reads - Tommy Steele wedding. St. Patrick's church, Soho Square, London. M/S of the groom's car arriving outside church. Colin Hicks, the best man, gets out followed by his brother Tommy Steele, who walks towards camera wavi...

5 months ago

The Leather Boys, 1963 (1080HD).

CLICK 1080HD. There are no good copies of this film, this is the only dvd available, which is wobbly, the opening film certificate looks worst. Synopsis: Not long after Dot (Rita Tushingham) leaves school, Reggie (Colin Campbell) and...

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