BATTLE OF THE SEXES Trailer #1 (2017) Steve Carell, Emma Stone sports comedy

BATTLE OF THE SEXES Trailer #1 (2017) Steve Carrell, Emma Stone sports comedy

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PLOT: The electrifying 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) was billed as THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES and became one of the most watched televised sports events of all time. The match caught the zeitgeist and sparked a global conversation on gender equality, spurring on the feminist movement. Trapped in the media glare, King and Riggs were on opposite sides of a binary argument, but off-court each was fighting more personal and complex battles. With a supportive husband urging her to fight the Establishment for equal pay, the fiercely private King was also struggling to come to terms with her own sexuality, while Riggs gambled his legacy and reputation in a bid to relive the glories of his past. Together, Billie and Bobby served up a cultural spectacle that resonated far beyond the tennis courts and animated the discussions between men and women in bedrooms and boardrooms around the world.

CAST: Steve Carell, Emma Stone

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  • Larissa Santos

    Can't wait to see it! Love Emma

  • Stan Man

    Just cause one of the characters is a feminist doesn't mean it's feminist propaganda, just like how because Steve carell's character is a bigot doesnt mean it's promoting that ideology. It's a movie about people who are who they are. Quit complaining.

  • Lainie medina

    Emma Stone season is always the best season!! Got get em tiger!!

  • Fatima Mendes

    So people are bitching because she said she's a feminist?! What a sensitive bunch of men.

  • Glittercorn x


  • Axess2084

    WHY in the hell are most movies starring the same 10-15 actors? There are TONS of great actors that are struggling and the film companies keep relying on the same small stable of people! WTF?! Have we really become that ignorant as a people that we go to see the same people over and over again in many different roles? Here's a film with your favorite actor as a newscaster! Here's another one with him as a boat captain! Watch your favorite female actor as a love interest! Here's another with her as a hardened battle soldier! ENOUGH ALREADY! Give us some damn variety!


    BREAKING: Women can do stuff.

  • Lauren Dimmock

    EMMA STONE IS WHAT I LIVE FOR!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!! And if she plays a homosexual role too ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • bingeit 45

    Emma Stone acts the same way in all her movies

  • Pizza Bulle

    I want this movie now!

  • Faye Zahara

    i doubt the bo beep outfit was part of this true story….. But this is quite a true story just could of been handled better. Not slapstick im a bigot silly person….. I would of enjoyed it coming to be the same story just steve more like a deep seeded asshole and something to show thats only him as a person not males in general.

  • wcm5150

    This movie is evil defined. Stop the feminist propaganda.

  • Ana Luiza

    24 dislikes = 24 men with buthurt.

  • SirPerfectful

    The number of people who think this is "feminist propaganda" need to learn what mirror neurons are and what propaganda actually is.

  • Angela Ostrovskaya

    Are you serious? This movie is about a real tennis match in history between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. What propaganda?

  • Nathan Holstrom

    as long as they show that he did the entire thing to throw the match over his gambling addiction to make a fortune.

  • SBradison

    I bet they'll show her winning like bloody Rocky, despite the fact that Riggs lost that match just in jest.

  • Ray Wei

    We live in an interesting time when people can find anything to complain about. It's a f*cking movie, clam down

  • Robert Adames

    i guess they both lear to play really good tennis, interesting stuff

  • Gabriel Vieira Araรบjo

    Impressรฃo minha ou ela รฉ lรฉsbica?

  • ismael

    the movie actually looks good and funny. PD: i cant believe how stupid people is in the comment section.

  • An Average Human Being

    Steve Carell makes me want to see this movie

  • dafttool

    Love Emma Stone, but not sure she is the best choice for casting of Billie Jean. Wish her the best though. I remember back when this happened, and it really was a ridiculous carnival. A lot of hype, with Riggs making an absolute fool of himself

  • akdkiller

    Michael Scott now play tennis?

  • Raggi86

    Feminist man hating propaganda………let me guess, she wins???
    And the mans is a chauvinistic looser is that the message?

  • SONG

    so,,, where is sex?

  • Victor Creed

    A movie about tennis? Can't wait to sleep while this is playing.

  • Flame Striker

    watch geeky tennis la la land

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