TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT Official Trailer #2 (2017) Mark Wahlberg Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT Official Trailer #2 (2017) Mark Wahlberg Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

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PLOT: Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.

CAST: Mark Wahlberg, Gemma Chan, John Goodman, Anthony Hopkins, Stanley Tucci, Josh Duhamel

DIRECTOR: Michael Bay

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  • Kenneth Wong

    Can we have a transformers movie about transformers and not shitty people?

  • shutupurgonnamakeit

    Jesus Christ just have a female lead, no one is saying because you're a girl you can't do this, only feminists are saying that. There have been a lot of great female action leads, stop pretending that their hasn't been. Action tends to be something guys favor so there's more men in these types of films, that's no sexist at all. There's also a shortage of women in construction, bridgework, trades, sewage and many other dangerous jobs so feel free to be empowered and apply. This trailer set a new level of cringe.

  • noob rider

    So it seems like they've replaced the annoying pointless love story with pointless annoying kids…..sigh. They just don't seem to want to get these movies right…..

  • Allah Velik


  • Allah Velik

    Feminists and posers must die
    Rapers must die
    Women should lose their right to vote. This absurd in every movie or game hase gone too far. They are making money out of stupid liberals that tolerate low quality movies just becaue they are pro-femisit or pro-black.

  • Liam Byrne

    All this writers room talk we had leading up to this and it still looks like the usual shite

  • Gunde

    Looks just as bad as the first 4. I hope Bay finds other interests soon, so we can have a franchise reboot.

  • Si7koos

    I was so excited for this movie after seeing the first trailer New writers,Better approach, something new
    But !! What the F**k is its a movie or reality show ?? Worst trailer of 2017 fully worst

  • wild batman

    остапиздела эта хуета, очередное дермище на экране!

  • Alex Flaxman

    Отвратительная актерская игра и ужасные диалоги. Огромные взрывы и переусложненные
    декорации инопланетных конструкций. Дорогие спецэффекты, потраченные на
    нелепые шутки, которые сомнительно смотрелись бы даже в низкобюджетном
    мультфильме: робота-тираннозавра тошнит полицейской машиной… Да, перед
    нами определенно новый фильм Майкла Бэя.

  • Captain Suny


  • Boston Black

    Welp. This was fucking pathetic.

  • The Meme Master.

    1:42…..are those moons or asteroids??

  • The Meme Master.

    Mark Walberg, telling off dinosoars since the 1990s

  • Olezha_ s8n

    Michael Bay. STOP. PLEASE. For fuck's sake!

  • Shigle

    Сейчас бы трансформеров со школьниками выпустить

  • 071 Cy

    Ok, this is going to be the same garbage all over again. Congratulations

  • VideoCop

    Hilarious to see people be like STOP MICHAEL BAY STOP ALREADY. Why would he? These movies have grossed just under like 4 billion worldwide, and that doesn't include merchandise/rentals/dvd sales…come on people really? Stop seeing them then

  • Lotar Orgrimm

    omg kids vs transformers lol

  • Артемий Проняев

    Нужно боооольше взрывов

  • Cytron1515

    1:58… "We're going home, missy." Please tell me that's Tyrese Gibson.

  • Comics Reviews

    шо с графеном?

  • Golden Graham TV

    considering I defended the last trailer, I really didn't like this one. it's attached to beauty and the beast so obviously it's aimed at kids. but I'm with most people in the comments, I think that girl is going to annoy the shit out of me.

  • Sullimon Yousuf

    10 years ago we had Megan Fox
    10 years later we have a 15 year old who tries to look badass and says she fights like a girl
    Whats new?

  • MarekSVK32

    -"Listen guys, we made really shitty movie how can we save it?"
    -"Spill in some feminism and when critiques bash our shitty movie we will call them mysoginist."
    -"Excelent Idea!"

  • kijanailis

    Do you know how bloody irritating it is to have strands of hair in your face when you're trying to actually do shit? It sucks. For real.

  • MyBestIdeaFor A Username

    We're kids we can get away with anything, except lying to our parents

  • Donald kingsbury

    looks absolutely amziliant! !!

  • Extemple TOne

    wtf is that_?

  • Four Wheels & Testosterone

    I feel like films like this are becoming difficult to watch for those of us who actually grow up enjoying the real Transformers (TV shows and comics alike). I get the financial reasons why they seem to be targeting a "younger" audience but the 80s and 90s babies deserve to fully enjoy this film too !!! I really hope the power rangers film won't be an anti-climax like the last Transformers film….

  • haroon farhang

    I'm crying ! WTF has happened to the transformers????!

  • any name


  • Samuel Markert

    Grimlocke no like taste of militarized police vehicles

  • Омникс Геймер

    Wait a minute 1:53 its Barricad yeah ?

  • ShortBus

    God I hate you Michael Bay! You money-hungry, low IQ, dickless asshat.

  • darkleaves

    what is this shit

  • WebHeadedHero

    Just want I want to focus on in a transformers movie, a human girl.

  • Cobzah

    Bring back sam, and remove everyone that was brought into these movies from tf4/tf5

  • Felonius Chino

    This is one of the worst trailers I've ever seen

  • Pirate John

    it's this feminist propaganda????? what a crap.

  • SomeRandomDoctor

    TBH people can have their opinions about everything, but when people talk down to people who have different opinions like "this movie looks good" or other things that's what pisses me off. Let people decide what they want to decide and mind your own business. Personally this movie looks like a good action movie but by no means am I claiming it's Oscar worthy.

  • Christopher Arel

    Michael Bay is gonna do a great job with this one!

  • Leonardo Katana

    Yay, more human characters I couldn't care less about! What a waste… Not seeing this. Make a fucking movie about THE TRANSFORMERS already!

  • BeeManGaming

    Why does this trailer focus too much on the girl? Isn't this movie about Transformers?

  • Felix Fisch

    I hate these stupid fucking feminist who think they are all heroes for saying the same shot over and over go live a a fucking third world country and stop complaining about little things while in other countries they can't even drive get some perspective

  • Эдгар Кузьменко

    little girl the human fighting against transformers the machines 20m height…..

  • JoBlo Movie Trailers

    Anybody else seeing Tie Fighters at 1:54? #TransformersTheLastKnight

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